Throwback Thursday: Takin’ it back with the hits

Do you remember where you were when you first heard some of  your favorite songs?

I’m feeling pretty nostalgic on this throwback Thursday, so let’s share our favorite throwback songs!

Everything – B2K


I believe this came out in 2002, and oddly enough I STILL listen to this song! I remember first hearing this as I continuously played the album on my  blue speaker box in my bedroom. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! OMG I remember going through it with a guy I was dating, and I used to daydream about him singing this on my voicemail. Oh teenage years…. Get into Lil’ Fizz rapping though!


Getting too Heavy- 3LW

Okay, so I was fairly older when the 3LW wave came around, but I didn’t realize until I went on a nostalgia trip in high school that this song is about sex! OMG, My mother never cared what music I listened to as long as it wasn’t vulgar, but this here.. mm mm mm. I also remember the song Crush on You on this same album, where the lyrics read…

Boy I got a crush on you//

my dad would kill me if he only knew//

naughty things go through my mind //

when I think of you.

Girl WHAT?! I CANNOT believe so many of these songs went over my head.


Slow Motion- Juvenile


biiiiiiiiiiiiiih! This shit STILL goes off in the club. I know I used to twerk DOWN to this song, and  a few others like whistle while you twerk, lol don’t judge me!


 What were some of your favorite throw back jams?

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