Azealia Banks drops Slay-Z Mixtape

I’ve tried to warn you all once, I’m not going to warn you again!

My bitch Azealia is back with a new mixtape and she is still slaying! Her music is NOT ordinary, it’s out of the box, and nothing like any of your other same ol’ basic ass favs. I’m seriously so unsure how and why ya’ll keep sleeping on her, but for those of you who aren’t sleeping on her, GET INTO SLAY-Z!!!

Sure you’re probably blinded by her constant public feuds, but I mean what do you expect from a bitch who went to school for drama!?


 I mean, she just wanted to tell you guys, she’s a real messy bitch who LIVES for drama; word to Joanne the Scammer! lol


But no, in all seriousness– Azealia fucking slays. You can say what you want about her online antics and “out spoken” nature, but my bitch can burn a fucking track! Big Talk x Azealia & Rick Ross. Flame. Litty, it’s straight lit!


 Click here for the download.


What’s your favorite song from the project?