Throwback Thursday: Takin’ it back with the hits

Do you remember where you were when you first heard some of  your favorite songs?

I’m feeling pretty nostalgic on this throwback Thursday, so let’s share our favorite throwback songs!

Everything – B2K


I believe this came out in 2002, and oddly enough I STILL listen to this song! I remember first hearing this as I continuously played the album on my  blue speaker box in my bedroom. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! OMG I remember going through it with a guy I was dating, and I used to daydream about him singing this on my voicemail. Oh teenage years…. Get into Lil’ Fizz rapping though!


Getting too Heavy- 3LW

Okay, so I was fairly older when the 3LW wave came around, but I didn’t realize until I went on a nostalgia trip in high school that this song is about sex! OMG, My mother never cared what music I listened to as long as it wasn’t vulgar, but this here.. mm mm mm. I also remember the song Crush on You on this same album, where the lyrics read…

Boy I got a crush on you//

my dad would kill me if he only knew//

naughty things go through my mind //

when I think of you.

Girl WHAT?! I CANNOT believe so many of these songs went over my head.


Slow Motion- Juvenile


biiiiiiiiiiiiiih! This shit STILL goes off in the club. I know I used to twerk DOWN to this song, and  a few others like whistle while you twerk, lol don’t judge me!


 What were some of your favorite throw back jams?

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[REVIEW] Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice *NO SPOILERS*

By D. Love

Can one that is “all-powerful” be “all-good?”  Or can one be “all-good” and “all-powerful?”  When we take into consideration the various religions that exist, the answer to this question may seem obvious.  That is, it would be ridiculous for something that wields all power to not use that power for good, right?  Alexander “Lex” Luther, billionaire “hero-hunter” extraordinaire thinks not.  The all powerful being in question would be that of Metropolis’ very own reporter, Clark Kent.  Kent who just so happens to secretly be Superman, the man of steel.


I would go out on the limb and say that most people are familiar with Superman, so it might be confusing that someone would find him to be less than a hero.  Well, Mr. Luther wouldn’t be the only one to think so.  The “Dark Knight” himself also views Superman to be a threat to humanity.  Who is the dark knight you ask?  It’s none other than Gotham City’s very own crime fighting vigilantly, Bruce Wayne aka Batman.  At this point you may be thinking, “why would a good guy have it out for another good guy?”  That’s where the film gets interesting.

I’ll admit, I would never imagine these two to ever meet; you’d never think that two seemingly different story lines would cross.  That’s what makes this film a comic lovers wet dream!  It puts die-hard fans in a “friendly” bout against one another.  Actually, if you watch the film from Bruce Wayne’s point of view, you might see how Superman could be a villain.  


Take into consideration the types of fights Superman gets into.  These aren’t your average back alley World Star worthy fights.  No, these fights are intense and destructive to say the least.  Who would expect less from a being from outer space on Earth fighting other beings from outer space?  When there is mass destruction going on there will also be mass casualties, right?  Exactly.  Wayne witnesses the Superman in action in his own hometown and the destruction that soon followed.  This type of destruction in not acceptable and it’s up to Wayne, I mean, Batman to handle it.

Every superhero has to have a weakness, right?  This is even true when it comes to Superman.  The one thing that has unrelenting power over the man of steel is the radioactive element, kryptonite.  This element comes from Superman’s home planet of Krypton and it too found its way to planet Earth.  Lex learned of this material and it’s power against those like Superman.  It would make sense that he would want to gather as much of the element that he could in order to take down the strongest being on the planet.  Now there are two powerful men against Superman.

Batman v. Superman is a high impact film that pulls out all the stops.  I must admit I regretfully fall asleep during most movies even if they are interesting.  I am an old maid.  I get too comfortable in theaters and the fact that it’s dark doesn’t help either!  However, I had NO problem remaining tuned into this film.  I didn’t even want to blink and chance missing something incredible!  Even those who are not comic book aficionados will find this film hard to look away from.  The shear story line and raw action packed fighting will keep even the most unenthused, crossword puzzle, crocheting grandma standing at attention.

In this film of legendary figures fighting for what each other feels is right, you will see love, friendship, understanding and true heroism.  Comic book lovers will be reintroduced to familiar faces.  You can even pick a side before going to see the film.  Who do you think will come out on top?  Who is in the wrong and who is in the right?  Make a bet, even…but do it with someone who knows nothing of what the outcome will be or you’ll be pissed in the end ha ha!  Films like these are best experienced when you allow yourself to be a kid again! Put on a costume or even where a logo.  Who cares?  I promise you won’t be the only one.  Just enjoy yourself and enjoy this excellent movie that we have been graced with!


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Happy weekend!

Engaged Couples and Future Brides attend inaugural Wedding U by Dejave

Sunday, March 13th engaged couples, future brides and wedding enthusiasts alike gathered for Wedding U By DeJave, a Bridal Seminar and Tea, presented by Tiffany Webb of Unique Occasions By T. Nicole and Deborah Lockhart of DeJave Extraordinaire. LLC.
Held in Atlanta at the Emory Hotel Conference Center, attendees were able to receive intimate advice and guidance on the ins and outs for planning their dream wedding.
Attendees were able to receive insider tips and knowledge from industry experts and top professionals with guidance on choosing the best photographers, event decor, caterers, destination weddings, creating and staying within their wedding budget, and more!

WATCH: Chief Keef x A$AP Rocky release visual for “Superheroes”

To know me is to love me, and to love me is to know that A$AP Rocky and Cheif Keef are two of my favorite rappers. Say what you want, that Chief Keef’s lyrics can’t be deciphered, but the man has catchy beats and this collaboration is sick. Check out the video below!


Are We Waiting or Not?

My name is Shakira, and I like sex.

Who am I kidding? I love sex!

So it’s not a surprise that when I went on the journey to be celibate. I failed–more than once. That caused me to question my self worth and I asked myself “What is wrong with me”?

Then came “The Wait”, an informative book written by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good! This book was a must read for me because I had to know how in the hell did they do it.

Giving up sex until marriage can be a challenge. I learned that not having sex was extremely hard for them as well,but they fought the urge because they knew they had something special, something real with one another. Being obedient to this would help them see things clearly, help them make better decisions, and open their lives up to an abundance of blessings.


While I read this book in one day, less than 12 hours to be exact and there were lots of parts that stood out to me… I’m not going to tell you all of them because you need to read the book yourself. However, there is a section titled “Who is your Husband?” They explain the difference in the man you want to be your husband verses the man that God has for you. And that man is  the man who is the better version of yourself and you’re that to him. The man that values and respects you for you is your husband. He brings out the best of everything in you. And if you decided today that you wanted to refrain from sex until marriage, he respects and understands that, so he will go on that journey with you. That is your husband. 

That is just so real to me! If I tell a guy I don’t want to have sex for whatever reason and he decides to give me push back, he should be automatically cut off!  So men and ladies, if you’re tired of failed relationships and broken hearts, I recommend reading this book, hell I’m going to read it again!  I’m not saying read it only because its intent is to get you to join #TheWait, but read it because it gives you pointers on relationships, it talks about God and what he can do for you with patience, and also tells you how you can have a clearer mind about your future based off decisions you make today.

How @Curlbox Founder @Myleik Teele is shaping millennial entrepreneurs with her #MyTaughtYou Mentoring Brand

Myleik Teele is a brand GENIUS. Avid Reader. CEO. Business Owner. Mentor in my head. Girl Boss! Bout her BUSINESS. Straight Shooter. Just LOVE HER!


At The Ladies of Business Conference, I had the pleasure of having a 1 x 1 with Myleik to ask her a few minor questions (nothing too pressing, because I sure could have talked to her all night).

Your My Taught You brand is very transparent- Mentoring to everyone, what made you choose this as your next venture after CurlBox?

Myleik: I probably was doing My Taught You before CurlBox, and I think CurlBox just got so big that it eclipsed what I was doing before, but I was always doing it. I grew up from a very private mother and I used to feel like– the pain is in the secrets. If people think they know things about you or they feel like they can say something to you—it kind of over powers you and I’m just like.. this is who I am, this is what I struggle with- I’m no different than anybody else. You can still succeed after failing. You can succeed and make mistakes, you know what I mean? I felt like as a young woman of color that it was something that was so necessary.

Why did you choose your demographic to be young women of color?

Myleik: Because I felt like growing up I didn’t have that. I grew up in Los Angeles and a lot of the women who helped me get ahead professionally were not black women. They were white women, Jewish women, like people out in Hollywood—those were the people who took a chance on me. So for me, I asked what would happen if we took a chance on each other? We are so afraid to, for a HOST of reasons but it’s kind of like—feeling like I’m so committed to helping young women of color, heal themselves, access themselves, take inventory- so that they can live a full life, because so many of us feel like we aren’t living a full life.

What was one of your biggest entrepreneurial mistakes thus far and how did you bounce back?

Myleik: At the very beginning of my career, I used to—Everything that everybody said hit me so hard, and I used to be so hard. I used to be the “Meek Mill” of this whole thing. Running on twitter and type typing and it’s like “oh my God,” and I was so young! And It’s like you don’t think it’s going to hurt until someone kicks you in the heart and you’re like fuck this—I’m ready to fight anybody. I learned that when people— what people say about you says more about them than it does about you. And once you know that people are speaking from their insecurities, their pain, their whatever you go—girl this ain’t even about me!

Isn’t she just marvelous? Even in a brief moment – she drops so many gems!

At the conference in her keynote address, Teele explained how she continues to trail blaze in her business, remaining current, innovative and fresh. She also shared key tips to successful networking, and poured words of encouragement into a room full of current and aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Be sure to check out her podcast, an check out some of the #CurlBox and #MyTaughtYou hashtags on Instagram and Twitter!