Love & Hip Hop ATL | Official Season 5 Super Trailer

VH1 released the super trailer for Love & Hip Hop: ATL and I’ve got two words.

IT’S LIT!!!!

Who are you most interested in seeing this season?

I’m super curious why K. Michelle is back, but this would be a perfect opportunity for her to promote her new Puff Lounge opening soon in Atlanta! I also hope they do NOT wait all season to show Karlie fall out like that because THAT was hilarious! Episode 1 airs April 4th! I’ll be tuned in! Will you?

5 day Juice Cleanse Review

I had the NERVE and audacity to sign myself up (and push myself) to do a 5 day juice cleanse.

If you’re in Atlanta, be sure to check out Twizted Sisters to get information and get on board for your custom detox to spring clean your body for the summer!

Now, in an effort to correct and undo, a year worth of eating terribly and not working out, i decided to do this custom cleanse to kick start getting back on the road to fit. If you remember or have been following me for a while then you know that I dropped like a million pounds last year and you can read about that journey here.

If you’ve also been following me you saw how I spent countless weekends turning up, going on dates, traveling and eating junk food any and whenever I want. But then it hit me around my 26th birthday. I absolutely am NOT taking the best care of my body so, it’s time to get moving and back on track!

I’m sure you guys are wondering what are you even to expect from a juice cleanse? So I’ll answer all the FAQ I got this week.

Are you ONLY drinking juice?

Yes, bih. It’s a detox– so no food! That means only the fresh pressed juice, and a gallon or more of water daily.

Aren’t you starving?

Only on day one. As with everything you are gonna struggle because you’re correcting all the bad habits.

Is the juice good?

Well the fabulous thing about the custom detox is, CONSULTATION! I had the pleasure of telling Courtney all the things I DON’T like, which is practically EVERYTHING, then she made a detox based on the results I wanted to get from the detox. For me, I wanted to trim a little weight and stop feeling so sluggish to actually get some workouts in. (Because for me, as soon as my head is in it– nothing can stop me)

So! Now that that’s out of the way, what can I say about the 5 day juice detox cleanse to help you know what to expect? IT’S LIT.

Day 1:

I struggled. Hard. The juice was delicious but I was STARVING. I wanted to eat any and everything and everyone in the office seemed to be eating everything I wanted to eat but couldn’t. I was snappy, angry, and my friends and coworkers said I was a bit more evil than usual. I finished the juice for the day around 5 p.m. so I went to bed early to offset the urge to eat.

Day 2:

I was really over it, but I was already a day in so quitting wasn’t an option. My body started flushing the toxins from my body and I started to feel really drained. I drank about 2 gallons of water because I felt so thirsty while flushing the toxins. It was a more humbling day because I came to the realization that food addiction is so very real the way that craving food and not eating it really toyed with my emotions.

Day 3:

IT WAS LIT. I literally felt like I was floating on clouds. My body felt light, airy and overall GOOD! Not to mention it was HUMP DAY, which meant I was half way through! My body must have really cleared out my system because I felt AMAZING!

Day 4:

I was anxious, less hungry, and starting to see less bloating in my stomach area, and my body overall felt really good. I started creating a plan and focusing on what I would be eating and meal prepping for success the following weeks.

Day 5:

I made it! The juice for the day was to boost and reset my metabolism. Wasn’t the most appetizing but I was so happy to have made it all 5 days!

When I woke up Saturday morning my appetite was inexistent. After weighing myself I lost a total of 4.5 pounds! Eager and satisfied with my results I’m looking forward to continuing my lifestyle change, again!

Engaged Couples and Future Brides attend inaugural Wedding U by Dejave

Sunday, March 13th engaged couples, future brides and wedding enthusiasts alike gathered for Wedding U By DeJave, a Bridal Seminar and Tea, presented by Tiffany Webb of Unique Occasions By T. Nicole and Deborah Lockhart of DeJave Extraordinaire. LLC.
Held in Atlanta at the Emory Hotel Conference Center, attendees were able to receive intimate advice and guidance on the ins and outs for planning their dream wedding.
Attendees were able to receive insider tips and knowledge from industry experts and top professionals with guidance on choosing the best photographers, event decor, caterers, destination weddings, creating and staying within their wedding budget, and more!

Are We Waiting or Not?

My name is Shakira, and I like sex.

Who am I kidding? I love sex!

So it’s not a surprise that when I went on the journey to be celibate. I failed–more than once. That caused me to question my self worth and I asked myself “What is wrong with me”?

Then came “The Wait”, an informative book written by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good! This book was a must read for me because I had to know how in the hell did they do it.

Giving up sex until marriage can be a challenge. I learned that not having sex was extremely hard for them as well,but they fought the urge because they knew they had something special, something real with one another. Being obedient to this would help them see things clearly, help them make better decisions, and open their lives up to an abundance of blessings.


While I read this book in one day, less than 12 hours to be exact and there were lots of parts that stood out to me… I’m not going to tell you all of them because you need to read the book yourself. However, there is a section titled “Who is your Husband?” They explain the difference in the man you want to be your husband verses the man that God has for you. And that man is  the man who is the better version of yourself and you’re that to him. The man that values and respects you for you is your husband. He brings out the best of everything in you. And if you decided today that you wanted to refrain from sex until marriage, he respects and understands that, so he will go on that journey with you. That is your husband. 

That is just so real to me! If I tell a guy I don’t want to have sex for whatever reason and he decides to give me push back, he should be automatically cut off!  So men and ladies, if you’re tired of failed relationships and broken hearts, I recommend reading this book, hell I’m going to read it again!  I’m not saying read it only because its intent is to get you to join #TheWait, but read it because it gives you pointers on relationships, it talks about God and what he can do for you with patience, and also tells you how you can have a clearer mind about your future based off decisions you make today.

How @Curlbox Founder @Myleik Teele is shaping millennial entrepreneurs with her #MyTaughtYou Mentoring Brand

Myleik Teele is a brand GENIUS. Avid Reader. CEO. Business Owner. Mentor in my head. Girl Boss! Bout her BUSINESS. Straight Shooter. Just LOVE HER!


At The Ladies of Business Conference, I had the pleasure of having a 1 x 1 with Myleik to ask her a few minor questions (nothing too pressing, because I sure could have talked to her all night).

Your My Taught You brand is very transparent- Mentoring to everyone, what made you choose this as your next venture after CurlBox?

Myleik: I probably was doing My Taught You before CurlBox, and I think CurlBox just got so big that it eclipsed what I was doing before, but I was always doing it. I grew up from a very private mother and I used to feel like– the pain is in the secrets. If people think they know things about you or they feel like they can say something to you—it kind of over powers you and I’m just like.. this is who I am, this is what I struggle with- I’m no different than anybody else. You can still succeed after failing. You can succeed and make mistakes, you know what I mean? I felt like as a young woman of color that it was something that was so necessary.

Why did you choose your demographic to be young women of color?

Myleik: Because I felt like growing up I didn’t have that. I grew up in Los Angeles and a lot of the women who helped me get ahead professionally were not black women. They were white women, Jewish women, like people out in Hollywood—those were the people who took a chance on me. So for me, I asked what would happen if we took a chance on each other? We are so afraid to, for a HOST of reasons but it’s kind of like—feeling like I’m so committed to helping young women of color, heal themselves, access themselves, take inventory- so that they can live a full life, because so many of us feel like we aren’t living a full life.

What was one of your biggest entrepreneurial mistakes thus far and how did you bounce back?

Myleik: At the very beginning of my career, I used to—Everything that everybody said hit me so hard, and I used to be so hard. I used to be the “Meek Mill” of this whole thing. Running on twitter and type typing and it’s like “oh my God,” and I was so young! And It’s like you don’t think it’s going to hurt until someone kicks you in the heart and you’re like fuck this—I’m ready to fight anybody. I learned that when people— what people say about you says more about them than it does about you. And once you know that people are speaking from their insecurities, their pain, their whatever you go—girl this ain’t even about me!

Isn’t she just marvelous? Even in a brief moment – she drops so many gems!

At the conference in her keynote address, Teele explained how she continues to trail blaze in her business, remaining current, innovative and fresh. She also shared key tips to successful networking, and poured words of encouragement into a room full of current and aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Be sure to check out her podcast, an check out some of the #CurlBox and #MyTaughtYou hashtags on Instagram and Twitter!



The Odyssey to #Kylie Lip Kit (#Review) [Spoiler: It’s Fuckin’ Lit! 🔥]

I’m starting to grow a tiny addiction to lipstick! Better late than never, right?


I’ve started generally browsing Instagram, Twitter, and catching some good recommendations from my blogger friend Queeen Ashley, which if you haven’t checked her out, do that shit. Seriously, her swatches are everything!

Anyways, Ashley and I plotted on this Kylie Lip Kit and in true fashion we waited by the computer for the first release only for it to sell out in minutes.

It was devastating

And like most, I don’t take defeat well. That defeat was crushing. It was like waiting in line for a pair of Jordan’s in the cold, be the next person and be told, sold out

That wasn’t happening to me the next go round. I patiently waited, watching week after week of KUWTK, hoping context clues would be dropped of the next release of the popular lip kit, sending angry snaps to Kylie (obvs they wouldn’t go through) telling her how hurt and crushed I was that she wouldn’t take my money for this amazing product I was so eager to have and smear across my lips.

Then it happened. The second round release of the nude tones, and I missed it again. Fuck. I was fuckin’ up out here.  

Then I really had to get serious. I started following her snaps, and she started announcing that she was formulating new colors for the Valentine’s collection, and a whole bunch of other shit that I honestly didn’t care about, or at least I thought I didn’t (I’ll get to that later) then she posted the new shades/swatches to the IG page, I almost died.

FullSizeRender (2)

It’s over. Das it. Bitch dis is lit.

Now being new to the lipstick game I don’t know much about dupes and all that crap, but I did know that Posie K, was the prettiest pink I had ever laid my eyes on. And I HATE pink lipstick. So, I had to have it. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING was going to stop me from having it.

She dropped the lip kits while I was attending a mini awareness heart walk. I had never sprinted back to my wallet fast enough. I was in a panic, a frenzy, a rush, a tizzy. Ashley was cheering me on along the way. She’s such a trooper. “Bitch hurry before it sells out, I got mine!”

$40. ($29 plus shipping)

“I DON’T CARE, CHARGE MY CARD” – is all that rang in my mind as I frantically tapped the keys of my iPhone.

Then it happened. I got it. It was purchased. Now, we wait.


It took 3 days, from purchase to door. Talk about customer service!


When it arrived, it was LIT.  The packaging was beautiful. The box was all black with a white paint drip look around. Super cute. The inside box has “KYLIE” in all caps. The card insert came with a note from Kylie thanking you for the purchase. The liner has the color on the bottom so that you’re aware of the color and the lipstick bottle is glass.


It goes on smooth. It smells like flowery, cotton candy! It dries in literally-like 2 seconds. It’s an ultra matte and it’s super long lasting. You can watch a ton of YouTube videos and see that it lasts through eating, drinking, everything. All day wear, for real. I wore it on a date, and it’s kiss proof – it didn’t even transfer (which is a major plus!) and it was so extremely lightweight, I couldn’t remember that I was wearing it. For most ultra matte formulas, they leave your lips feeling dry, cracked, even flaky, not this one. Absolutely worth the hassle and price tag.


The color Posie K is really light pink which is perfect. No need for multiple applications to get the full color, I achieved the color with two applications. It’s really worth every dollar. Seriously, Get it!

#Snapchat 👻 me that 😻

Clearly No intro is needed! However, If you’re still not hip to the new wave that is snapchat, catch up! These are some snap accounts that you need to be following for some serious entertainment and empowerment!

Myleik: (@myleik)

The CEO & Founder of Curlbox, and My Taught You, Myleik features daily empowerment with #coffeetalk quotes, real spit as she prepares for podcasts, as well as step by step cooking snaps.

DJ Khaled: (@djkhaled305)

Two words: Another One. Chef Dee let’s see!

Karen Civil: (@karencivil)

What more needs to be said? She takes girl boss to a whole new level! Why not follow behind the scenes to keep up with all the fabulous and innovative things she’s doing with herself and her brand!


Mattie James: (@Mattieologie)

Major Brand Influencer, Mother & natural badass. She shares the inside scoop on upcoming products and brands, as well as goooorgeous outfits of the days! You won’t be disappointed.

King Kylie: (@kylizzlemynizzl)

I’m obsessed with her so I can’t even put into words why you should follow her. Just.. DO IT!


iamkanyebreast: (@iamkanyebreast)

This woman is AMAZING! Whether she’s posting hilarious snaps of her dog, or providing original recipes and step by step breakdowns of how she’s whippin’ it up in the kitchen, she’s definitely one to follow when you’re ready to get your cookin’ for bae game strong!

What are some of your favorite Snapchat accounts?