Top 5 podcasts to spice up your morning commute

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For me, podcasts are a lot more entertaining than listening to the same ol’ music each day. Like talk radio on the go, podcasts allow you the opportunity to gain insight and learn any and everything from a variety of hosts across the web! Not sure where to start?

Here are my favorite recommendations:

 Love + Radio

love and radio

Ok, this podcast has mostly hilarious content ¬†outside of the deep, abstract storytelling. Stories are found everywhere and they do an AMAZING job of finding¬†every day people to tell their stories of love, sex and scary and sometimes “inappropriate” life experiences. I love the show because they tell stories from a real perspective, the person going through it. Almost seeming like street interviews the podcast has captivated my attention from their raw interviews and crazzzzzy out of the ordinary topics.

The Read

The read

If you’re still late to this train I’m really sorry to hear that. Kid Fury and Crissle are GEMS. Giving you sass, pop culture and the signature READ– bitch if you aren’t into it, you’re seriously falling off! Get on it! They’re 3 years deep and between Fury’s always over it attitude, and Crissles “Bitch you won’t try it” attitude, these two are my favs!

The Friend Zone Podcast

the friendzone

Mental Hygiene for your brain! *Dustin Ross Voice* NO, seriously these three have the perfect energy. At first I was like wait how is this gonna work? But they are AMAZING together. Fran is my wellness guru, Assante is just me, lol, my spirit animal damnit, and Dustin is everyone’s funny ass best friend who “on a petty note” is gonna coach you through whatever you need. This trio is amazing with weekly relevant topics along with wellness tips that challenge you to further your life experience and viewpoints.


serial logo

This show is LIT! Week by week they have IN-DEPTH story telling where they piece by piece break down a story! This season is about Sgt Bowe Bergdahl and it screams privilege to me (I don’t trust him I’ve seen Homeland Lol), however season one.. Adnan Syed, that caused them to revisit the case! Phew! Sarah is lit. Serial is lit. Get into it!

My Taught You: Myleik Teele Podcast


Every podcast has a takeaway. Myleik’s podcast covers any and EVERYTHING. Hardly ANYTHING is off limits. She’s a powerhouse when it comes to disseminating information, and I love it! Talking about love, business, career moves, entrepreneurship– you can send in personalized questions and get them answered as well!

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