#Snapchat 👻 me that 😻

Clearly No intro is needed! However, If you’re still not hip to the new wave that is snapchat, catch up! These are some snap accounts that you need to be following for some serious entertainment and empowerment!

Myleik: (@myleik)

The CEO & Founder of Curlbox, and My Taught You, Myleik features daily empowerment with #coffeetalk quotes, real spit as she prepares for podcasts, as well as step by step cooking snaps.

DJ Khaled: (@djkhaled305)

Two words: Another One. Chef Dee let’s see!

Karen Civil: (@karencivil)

What more needs to be said? She takes girl boss to a whole new level! Why not follow behind the scenes to keep up with all the fabulous and innovative things she’s doing with herself and her brand!


Mattie James: (@Mattieologie)

Major Brand Influencer, Mother & natural badass. She shares the inside scoop on upcoming products and brands, as well as goooorgeous outfits of the days! You won’t be disappointed.

King Kylie: (@kylizzlemynizzl)

I’m obsessed with her so I can’t even put into words why you should follow her. Just.. DO IT!


iamkanyebreast: (@iamkanyebreast)

This woman is AMAZING! Whether she’s posting hilarious snaps of her dog, or providing original recipes and step by step breakdowns of how she’s whippin’ it up in the kitchen, she’s definitely one to follow when you’re ready to get your cookin’ for bae game strong!

What are some of your favorite Snapchat accounts?

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