Behind The Brush with Celebrity Makeup Artist Kluermoi

Kluermoi, is a traveling celebrity make-up artist, educator, and beauty blogger. Having done makeup all over the world, we had the pleasure to catch up with her for a sit down and ask some awesome questions about where she’s from, how she got into make-up and even some quick everyday on the go make-up tips! Check out the interview and excerpts below!

Kluermoi, which is dutch for “Pretty Colors”, is a name she created to describe the art she brings to life on the faces of her clients. Born in the South American country of Suriname, she is fluent in Dutch.


After recently moving from New York she is now glad to call Atlanta her home, where she is enjoying the change of pace and scenery.

You used to work as a Paralegal, what caused you to take that courageous leap of faith and focus on your dream?

Kluermoi: Because you only have one life to live, so you should go out for whatever you want to do. Also, my brother died when he was 19, and he was extremely courageous and he was someone who would do anything he put his mind to and because he’s no longer able to do that, I want to continue to carry that in my life in a way of honoring his. 

What are 5 quick beauty tips for everyday women on-the-go?

1. If you’re not into doing a full face makeup look, get a good bb cream and you can make your own, the info is on my IG (@Kluermoi).

2. If you have oily skin, make sure you’re walking around with a blotting powder or setting powder.

3. Make sure you match your foundation to your neck and your face *super important*.

4. Always have a bold color lipstick in your purse, as you never know if someone may ask you to go for drinks after work, and you always want to have a bold lip in your purse to be able to switch it up! 

5. ALWAYS have a good personality and SMILE! 🙂

What is your mantra for the year?

I want you guys to just always keep in mind that every failure is a lesson to be learned. When you fail make sure you get back up! 

You can find out more about Kluermoi and get more information about one on one make-up classes if you’re in the Atlanta area by visiting her Instagram page, or through email at


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