Axe’s body spray ad is challenging your views on Masculinity

By D. Love

“It’s all about “finding your magic!”
I adore this commercial for several reasons.  It challenges the stereotypical idea of what makes a man, a man.  The commercial starts with the cliché all-American white male conveniently standing alone shirtless with rock hard abs.
Then they hit you with a twist, “who needs abs when you have…”
 The whole concept continues in this fashion.
Throughout the video, they put the spotlight on everything from the awkward looking bookworm, to the wheelchair bound kid with all the moves!  Personally, what got me hype was when they had the mini vogue off session!
 What can be more manly than a guy “duck walking” in six inch stilettos only to fall gracefully into a dip?!
That’s what Axe is trying to explain.
It’s not about what you do or how you do it.  Be you and own that shit! Find YOUR magic!  Your magic doesn’t have to be one thing either.  That’s the beauty of it.  I know that I saw myself in several of those scenes. 
Though I may not have the abs (yet) and can be flamboyant at times, I don’t see that as emasculating.  I’m just me.  In a world full of people trying to be one common thing, why not be yourself?  Stand out!
I appreciate this shift in advertisement.  Hopefully other companies will take note.  Until then read that comic book, work that runway, hold hands, build something, do YOU!
-D. Love

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