Merry Petty Christmas: Quick Tips to Deal With Your Aggy Ass Family During the Holiday SZN

If you’re like me, your family definitely can irk the shit out of your nerves, honey, let’s be clear! (But it’s all love!) But after 26 years, I think I’ve finally figured out how to “cope” and manage during the holidays! I figured since I’m into sharing all my secrets, I’d share some of my gems and how I’m going to be getting through my holiday this year 😉

golden rule

Golden Rule — Don’t share no Mary with the broke ass cousin that never matches on the blunts!

2. Don’t take career advice from your “successful” family member who never left the state/ neighborhood.

Everyone’s idea of success is different, and that’s absolutely okay. But don’t let the small minded, never left the neighborhood/state lines minded person tell you what is and is not appropriate for a dream or success.

No Thanks.gif

Take the gems from your seasoned family member who has like 1,000 trades and has a new associates degree or certificate every year. That’s a #liberallearner. They might have some #MAJOR keys to success, (and a complex with commitment) lol, but don’t play yourself. Word to Dr. Khaled.

3. Stop taking the weight comments to heart.


You can lose and gain weight every day, B! Get your plate, and stuff your got damn face!!! As long as YOU love it, that’s all that matters.

4. I shouldn’t have to say this but, Bih,

Stop letting your single aunt/cousin/sister who hops from man to man pressure you about settling down.


Or anyone for that matter. And stop entertaining conversations from your family members about exes they KNOW damn well you are no longer with!

5. Now we all have that one family member, for me it’s an uncle, who loves to brag and say things like, “Why aren’t you like so and so? I’m so proud of what they are doing. The rest of ya’ll need to take notes and fall in line..” blah blah blah. Now fortunately for me, I’m that “so and so” so I can’t help you there pals! JKJK! But srsly, don’t allow your family to degrade your success! Sure you’re supposed to feel uplifted by them but sometimes they don’t know how to do so and that’s where you have to remember.. IF YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHERE YOU ARE IN LIFE, LET NO ONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE!

6. If you’re grown, like me, get out of that whole “make sure you’re respectful and speak to everyone” shit.

Fuck that. Everyone should speak to YOU, and then you speak back! If someone doesn’t speak to you, or you don’t feel like speaking, THEN DON’T. Life goes on.

no drama


7. Change the small talk.

Nobody has a minute of time for micro-judging. It’s 2015. People are being killed left and right, Bill Cosby still trying to cover up druggin’ women back in the day.. It’s PLENTY to talk about besides your family trying to fake shade your job, career, life goals or current situation. Stop letting people who do so little control so much of your emotions. It’s a day! a few hours! or a weekend!


Hopefully, my quick tips can bring a little ease to your holiday! What are some of your tips for dealing with your irri family!?


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