Happy Holi-Slay! 4 poppin’ lippies to sleigh the holiday

I don’t always wear make up and lipstick, but when I do…

She’s B-E-A-T honey, OKAYYYY?!

she wins

I┬álike the holidays because it’s a time where I actually have a reason to get dressed up, and whip out my brushes for a good ol’ holiday stunt sesh. This Christmas I’ll be traveling to my hometown of Cincinnati, SLAYING in 4 of my favorite lippies this season.

Check out my go-to lippies below, and seriously.. Be like me and cop them. They’re flawless!


  1. ELF Red


Super cheap pick up at my local Target, Idk maybe 3.99? But it looks so cute and classic! Definitely a good, go to color!


2. Colourpop- Westie


I love this color because it gives you a nice subtle pink look. At first I hated pinks because I thought they made my lips look ashy (LOL) don’t judge me, I’m very basic sometimes. I also love Colourpop because you definitely can NOT beat their prices. $5? Bloooooop! Sign me up for 5, Linda!

3. MAC Media X Colourpop Fighter


Now I was going for a more cranberry tone with this color because I didn’t want to pull out my Melt Dark Room (and that super matte is really harsh on my sensitive lips) so I decided to start mixing and matching my colors and I came up with this! Media is a satin and is a deeper tone, but the Colourpop Fighter has a brighter red tone which gave me the perfect cranberry color I was looking for!

4. MAC Matte Royal

This is a newbie to my collection and let. me. tell. you. I LIVE! Every time I put on this lip, I just want to vogue down to my favorite Azealia Banks track! When I originally bought this the makeup artist at Mac did the damn thing pulling it together on this face honey! I loved it!

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