5 Ways to shake off the Holiday Blues

With the holidays approaching, this is typically around the time I feel less cheery than usual as I contemplate holidays with my Mother. Here is a list of things that I enjoy doing to keep me from feeling depressed, or moody.

1. Cuddle with a good book.

Lord knows I looooove books. This year I’ll be cuddling with Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes!

2. Write it out!

Get a pen and paper and journal out your feelings. I’m an avid believer in journaling, and I have pages upon pages of content. It’s a good medium to use when you have weird thoughts that you can’t share with others, or you feel they might not connect or understand from you. Give it a try and thank me later! Fortunately for me this year, I have my iPad mini glued to my hands as I finish working on my book (eek) MAJOR!

3. Lace ’em up, sweat it out!

Whether you’re going to tread pavement, tread the treadmill or just twerk in the living room, GET UP and get moving! I always sink deeper in a rut when I just stay idle and do nothing but let myself think about everything that’s bothering me. Don’t be that person, get up and move your body around!

4. Try Yoga!

Yoga is a practice that you can only get better with when you practice more. I love yoga, I used to do it daily. It definitely keeps me calm when I incorporate meditation, and it also keeps me flexible! I always find myself on youtube doing videos, drop in classes at random studios, or just finding poses on IG and contorting my body into the pose. Be safe and be sure to practice at your skill level to prevent injuries.

5. Be around friends and family

Nothing soothes the heart and soul more than being surrounded by family members that you love, and trust. Fellowship with them and talk about what you like most about the holidays. Reminisce on the positive memories that you have of loved ones no longer with you, and just genuinely enjoy the comfort of people who love and support you.

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