The Single Wives Club empowers ladies to become better women before marriage

I’m very inspired by women working together to better theirselves and each other. Typically, I am sparked by the sense of sisterhood and encouraged by like-minded thoughts and experiences.


The Werk, Pray, Slay Conference was nothing short of that experience. The Single Wives Club, founded by Koereyelle Dubose, was a result from an important life decision faced by Dubose. After walking away from an engagement that could have changed her life for the worse, Koereyelle created a safe space for single women to learn about what life as a wife is like before actually becoming one.

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The Single Wives Club is an education and empowerment organization that inspires single ladies to become better women before becoming wives.

Adding to the weekend celebration, Dubose released her brand new book, Werk 101:Get-Your-Life Together handbook. 

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Check out inspiring quotes and images from the event below!



Find out who you are, love the journey, be thankful for it and just, love life.Pastor Kim Pothier


ENJOY YOUR SINGLEHOOD. Get yourself together and focus on becoming the person you want to be married to.- Lakia Brandenburg, author

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Focus on work, and you’re on the right track. I truly believe, when you get yourself together, that’s when you find people who want your best interest.Koereyelle Dubose, Founder of The Single Wives Club

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