KeKe Palmer is the loyal homegirl who keeps it real on gory, humorous #ScreamQueens season premiere 

Okay, What the hell? Where do I even begin?

Well first if you haven’t watched slow your roll — **this review contains spoilers**.

After being viciously dragged for 7 years with no answers by Pretty Little liars (see my claim over getting my life back here) I was pretty apprehensive to watch Scream Queens.

I mean who seriously has time to get sucked into another prime time murder mystery about some stuck up millennial girls being hunted and killed?

I mean apparently me, because here I sat through the whole 2-hour series premiere.

A new series on Fox based on a college campus of sorority girls, it stormed out the gate with many meme /gif worthy quotables.

Can we talk about how amazing Emma Roberts plays this spoiled, bitchy, delusional, entitled, young lady? I mean it’s so good I can’t even hate. Where was she when Regina George was being cast for ‘Mean Girls’!? I mean she’s murdering and simultaneously selling the dream of sisterhood to cover her ass!


Photo Credit: Scream Queens

Not to mention our girl KeKe Palmer and Niecy Nash are playing recurring characters (I love when all the black people don’t die first in murder mysteries).


Photo Credit: Scream Queens/ Fox

I don’t know about you all but I was extremely excited to see and experience the abrupt exit of Ariana Grande. I mean she sings great but her everlasting whisper voice– I can’t deal.  I did find it hilarious that just as she was being killed, just like a millennial, had to TWEET for help rather than picking up the phone and dialing 911. I also laughed at the text exchange right before the devil killed her.

The girls are all pledging the sorority Kappa Kappa Tau that is seemingly racist as fuck and all white. After some issues with the way the sorority had been operating,  the dean played by Jamie Lee Curtis, forces them to accept all new girls who rush.

Cue where KeKe comes in.

Although she plays the homegirl who keeps it real, I’m hoping her role continues to expand as the no nonsense, loyal girl who is just trying to stay alive in an environment where people are dropping dead like flies to the red devil.  

My prediction of the season is that  the murdering devil is going to be the dean of students.
Now let’s hope and pray this doesn’t become a long drawn out game of clue like Pretty Little liars because this go round I’ll certainly have no shame in dropping out of watching the show.

Oh yeah, and did you guys catch the Miami University of Oxford reference? HEY MIAMI! #LoveAndHonor

Be sure to check out Scream Queens, Tuesday at 8pm/ET on Fox! 

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