The Leap Of Faith Series: “What is your passion?”


To me, your passion is what keeps you up at night. It’s that thing that lingers in the back of your mind when you’re consumed with other things. Sparks a twinkle in your eyes. Creates a skip in your heartbeat. A pep in your step. A fire in your sprint.

Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion.

My Passion is writing.

A good writing idea can simmer in my brain for days. They cause me to toss and turn until I can articulate it adequately out of my mind. 

Writing keeps me up at night.

 It therapeutically puts me to sleep at night. 

It overwhelms me, it makes me happy, it gives me purpose.

It fuels me.

Seeing the impact of people connecting with words and stories that I find enjoyable or that I want to tell helped me discover that my purpose is great. To tell the stories of people around me, but also far from me. To inspire those who need encouragement on their journey to a purpose filled life.

What fuels you? 

If you say nothing, you’re lying. Your purpose doesn’t have to necessarily be the thing that makes you a lot of money at first. Oftentimes, people follow their passions for the joy it brings, and the more you explore that joy the more creative you become in your endeavors to monetize that happiness you feel.

So I’ll ask again, What fuels you? In order to enjoy a fulfilled life, you must follow that activity that fuels the passionate feeling.

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