5 Mobile apps you need to download to survive #InTheCity

1. Snapchat

If you’re looking for a good way to connect with friends, family and promote brand interaction, snapchat is where you need to be. A fun way to send 10 second videos, drawings, and pictures while allowing you to engage with people individually as well as a group. Whether providing behind the scenes coverage, cooking a meal or demonstrating hair styles, with a variety of viewers you can promote brand awareness and interaction.

2. Waze


I loathe traffic. Fancy that– because I moved to a city with some of the worst traffic in the world. I haven’t experienced traffic this bad since being in Egypt and it seems like 78% of my time is spent sitting in traffic (whomp). Waze has been a life saver as it shows you alternate routes, back roads and it even helped me learn my way around the streets of my new city. With features like adding friends, map chats, and telling you what’s ahead of you, ie; police, dead animals, accidents, traffic time etc. it’s a sure fire way to make your commute a bit less daunting.

3. Instagram 

Whether you want to share funny pics, keep in touch with friends, funny quotes or video, you can’t deny the incredible marketing gold that is IG. (follow @_LoInTheCity) Posting event fliers, articles, goods and services, etc. are all great ways to take advantage of your Instagram presence, building brand visibility and a brand following!

4. Style Seat 


Sheesh! As a woman it is certainly difficult to find a quality, affordable hair stylist, especially in Atlanta with 1000+ hair salons within a block radius. Style Seat allows you to view reviews, their portfolio of work, preview prices and time length of services of stylist in your geographic area. You can use the app to easily weed out the long search and cut straight to the chase and get your hair laidT!

5. Duolingo


Why be boring and only know one language when you can learn many languages right at your finger tips? To me, you can never know too many languages, and as a fluent french speaker, I like to keep my skills polished with Duolingo. By playing the games, and speech activities, I am able to develop better sentence structures and expand my vocabulary while practicing in the studied language. Because you never know when your #MCM is going to whisk you away for a romantic trip outside of the country, hop on the app so you can start learning and not be caught being a basic bih!

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