Leap of Faith Series: Having Faith like Job

One of my favorite books in the bible is the Book of Job. While many people read Psalms in the midst of a storm for comfort, I stop and reposition my faith to mimic that of Job.

Let me get preachy with you for a minute.

In your journey you start with everything, you’re up — and all your friends are down for you. Then all of a sudden you get rid of everything or lose everything and no one else is around.


What would you do?

Would you strike out and give up?

Would you question God for the test?


This is the story of Job.

The nice thing about the bible is depending on your experience, it can be open to interpretation.

To me, the story of Job is about two things.

1. Watching the company you keep — finding and deciphering the real from the fake.  (Who is authentic in your life?)

2. Your faith in God when things get rough and whether you’ll forsake him.

When I came to Atlanta it was a fresh start, a time to prove to myself that I was more than capable and worthy of building something sustainable. Something that was a reflection of me and my passion and hence came Lo In The City.

The leap caused me to shed a lot of people. I shed family, I shed friends, I shed people I thought supported me who no longer contact or deal with me to this day. It was a true testament to me of my dedication to this journey of having better for myself as well as revealing who was authentic, while I was at this newfound “bottom”.

In the story of Job, he remained faithful to God however, he questioned why he was being tested. Although it was thought to occur, Job never lost his faith, and as a result was rewarded his living back twofold after praying for the friends who left him when he had nothing.

For the time length of time I’ve been in Atlanta and the evidence that things are working out in my favor, many people started coming back around.

At the same token, when I was at bottom, and it seemed as if everything that may go wrong with this move did– I was reminded to remain faithful. It was in those dark times of uncertainty that I held on to my faith and believed in God’s plan for me on my life.

The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.  – Job 1:21

It may seem appropriate to say forget those people who left you in your trying times, however it is important to Love thy neighbor. People will come and go from your life but it is important to remain faithful and true.

With every new opportunity, life change, or journey will come trials and tribulations.

Job 22:13 – “But you say, ‘what does God know?  Can He judge through the deep darkness?”

The key is to remain centered in your faith, and rooted in your stance that everything that is meant to work out for your good is going to happen. You have to trust the process of your journey and be okay and accepting of the fact that people will leave you in your time of need, but remember who to put all your trust in, God.

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