The Leap of Faith Series: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

As I scrolled through Instagram last week, I stumbled across this image. It gave me quite a hearty laugh, but the image stayed fresh in my mind. As I continued throughout the week, I was blessed with a word from God about letting go of things that may be in the way of your growth and success. Two days later the image resurfaced on my timeline again. #Message right?

When your mind is set on advancement and growth, it is your responsibility to protect your vision and your dream. When I initially decided to move to Atlanta, I guarded my decision with my dear life until two weeks before I was set to leave Ohio. I surrounded myself with people who were always looking for opportunities to grow, and have more and be better for themselves. Already in a fragile mindset, I was in no position to continue to let others’ fear dictate and determine the direction of my life.

As the weeks led up to me leaving, I cried often. Not out of fear and unhappiness, but out of appreciation to God who had already allowed me to settle within my mind that nothing would be the same.

I prayed to God for discernment, because I knew that entering a new environment in life will not only open you up to more obstacles, but also close out people who will no longer pose a positive position within your life.

The friends that I had seen as my support system, would not be that anymore. I would in a sense “level up” and the things that once connected me to them would be no more.

I wouldn’t realize how much my circle of friends would change, until I was finding myself regularly reaching out to them, only for them to say “you’ve changed”.

Not having those people you once trusted and depended on changes your outlook on relationships. While you can grow sour, you can also take that moment to realize that the more you elevate in life, the less you’ll have in common with those who stay the same.

When embarking on a new life journey, things are going to get dark, the road WILL get lonely. You have to learn to hone in on your faith and in those times, pour love back into yourself and put your trust in your creator.

While you may look back and realize that your new support system and supporters of your dreams will be absolute strangers, you have to bear in mind that everyone on your journey is in their place at their appropriate time.

As the saying goes, you can’t take everyone with you where you’re going.

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