[REVIEW] :: Fantastic Four in Theaters Now!

It’s here! Today is the day that everyone’s favorite #MCM Michael ‘Bae’ Jordan’s new film hits theaters.

Marvel’s Fantastic Four 2015 reboot starring Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan, and Miles Teller is in theaters now!


If you’ve been tuned in to the city, you’d know I had the privilege to attend the advanced screening of the film, check out the recap.

The film surrounds four young outsiders who build a transporter machine and transport themselves to an alternate universe. While transported and exploring the alternate universe, they run into trouble that morphs their normal lives into new lives with acquired powers. They must learn to work together to learn to manage their new powers and save the world in from destruction.

If Michael ‘Bae’ Jordan isn’t enough to persuade you to see the film, then check out the trailer below!

Purchase your tickets before http://fox.co/Fan4Tix or at your local theatre, but be sure to go out and support Fantastic Four!

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