The Leap Of Faith Series: Choosing a Great Support System

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Birds of a feather flock together”?

Well that phrase isn’t too far fetched from helping you build your leap of faith support system.

When it comes to interpretation and how others from the outside in look at you, it’s best to look around at your circle of friends.

There is a familiar quote that is often said that, you are a reflection of your five closest friends, and that is the truth. Who you choose to surround yourself with, and who you call your support system are an important indication of your journey and where you see yourself going.

When things happen whether it be good or bad, I consult with the same group of people. My close support system is carefully curated in the sense of every aspect of my personal and professional life being fulfilled, just through the immediate 5 people I confide in for emotional, physical and sometimes financial support.

My support system consists of people from all walks of life.

The Free Spirit: This person is constantly dreaming of something bigger and better. No matter where they are in life, they are constantly dreaming of new ideas, new opportunities, and new advancements, in order to keep their life fresh and never dull. They inspire me as they are capable of allowing that dreaming spirit to overflow into me; and allow me to continue to dream & create more, to think outside the box and not only want but expect more from myself and life.

The overachiever: No Matter what, they are never content or satisfied with their current standings. Always appreciative of where they are in life, they always crave more. More money, more exposure, more responsibility, more opportunity, more security. In a way it can seem greedy and ungrateful, however, from my point of view they never settle. Surrounded by a group of people grinding, and hustling their way to the top, whether it be through entrepreneurship or a corporate environment, they never take no for an answer. They inspire me through their willingness to turn no’s into yes’ and seemingly impossible opportunities into teachable moments.

The adventure enthusiast: Are you often steadfast on not trying new activities, or experiences? This friend is always open to trying new products, places, and activities. A fearless, thrill seekerAs you continue to press forward in expanding and changing different areas of your life, this person will push you over the edge. And while the aggressive push will be overwhelming, you will find comfort in no longer accepting complacency, and have no other choice but to step outside of your box and explore.

The Humbler: From a very privileged background, this person would seemingly to the outside world seem to have all the opportunities and resources at their disposal. With every reason to be bourgeois and pretentious, this person is actually the opposite. They take every opportunity as a blessing, and give their last to the less fortunate. When things begin to happen for you and your business/platform begins to grow, having someone like this around helps you humbly thank your creator for the blessings and continue to help others around you. Rooted in faith they provide you with daily, weekly or monthly affirmations, and remind you to not let material things get to you.

The practical one: Have you and your friends ever sat and brainstormed everything you want to do in life? Often in those brainstorms, there’s a friend that can seemingly get over excited and almost quit their stable job, to chase a dream that isn’t practically planned out. The practical friend is always there to bring everyone back to reality. While practicality is sometimes seen as being a Debbie Downer to an extravagant dreamer, it can be seen as a way to not make major mistakes through lack of careful planning.

Now take a moment and evaluate your immediate circle of friends.

  • Who is the first person, or set of people you reach out to in your life whether it be reporting good or bad news?
  • When you “unplug” who are the people who descend down on you to help you back on track and rebuild that momentum?
  • Who are the people you trust that when you become popping, and worth a lot, won’t be jealous of your success and sell your darkest secrets to the tabloids?

Those people you listed/thought of are in your inner support system. Those are the people who you should feel most comfortable trusting in when it comes to growing and expanding yourself and your dream. Although many pride themselves on independence, your journey is not complete without a support system to be their in the darkest hours.

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