The Leap Of Faith Series: “On the Edge”

Have you ever had everything going well in your life, but so unhappy that you contemplate giving it up and walking away?
You may be on the edge.

Do you feel a burning passion within you that you want to pursue but you’re too afraid to do so?
You may be nearing discontentment.

Are you sitting on an idea or dream but fail to pursue it because of finances, timing, fear or some other excuse?
Let’s talk about it.


I’m a dreamer. I love to be around dreamers; but I’m also a doer, and doing draws the line between wanting change, and experiencing it.

Growing up, I always wanted to do a lot. I’m a natural leader, I’m ambitious, and dangerous when motivated.

I discovered my love for writing back in high school when I became a staff writer & editor. My love for the craft developed further in college as I pursued a degree in journalism.

I was born and raised in Cincinnati but after getting a taste of life outside of Ohio and the US, I began to itch for something bigger, something better. As a writer in Ohio I felt small. I felt as if I had no influence, or opportunity, unless I wanted to be a local news reporter for some news station and report on accidents, which wasn’t in my career plan.

I stayed content with my musings on my personal blog, however the more I stayed stagnant, the more I became hungry for a change, and that’s when I decided it may be time to start pursuing more out of my life.

Of the many people I’ve spoken with who desire more out of life, oftentimes they struggle with living the life others see or want for them; not the life they desire for themselves.

This is where CHANGE comes in.

If you CHANGE your way of thinking, your possibilities could be endless. Start putting yourself at the forefront and make sure everything you work towards makes you happy. As you start making smaller changes, you align yourself for bigger opportunities down the line.

Take a moment and answer these questions (feel free to share some of your answers in the comments):

  1. Am I happy with everything in my life right now? Are there areas in my life where I can use some encouragement to promote change?
  2. Am I walking in my true purpose in life? What are my immediate goals?
  3. If I had to do what I’m doing now for the rest of my life, will I regret it?

Take some time to think and meditate on those answers and stay tuned in the city for conversations about growth, opportunity, and change.

Get focused, get motivated, and get ready for change! 

** “The Leap of Faith series” is a series of essays telling stories of how I, as well as others saw things within our lives and took the initiative to change and accept more opportunity. Every day I encounter people who are fed up in their situations, and upset as they feel they are not fulfilling their true life’s purpose. In the series of essays, I will be sharing the story of what led up, some steps of planning I took, and everything else leading up to that leap. Be sure to check back here, and direct, tag, repost, or share with friends who can benefit from the series!

xo. – Lo

One thought on “The Leap Of Faith Series: “On the Edge”

  1. I think I’m going to enjoy the LoP Series! I’m stealing the idea to line up one thing at a time. I think that’s something that we often miss in life. Sometimes it’s not about all the big changes and the flash, sometimes it’s about the inch you take to the right path.

    I’m itching to start inching.


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