[FEATURE] :: StylesbyO.D.I – A New Nigerian Culture Inspired Style Line

I’m an extreme advocate of following dreams and taking leaps of faith to pursue whatever it is your heart truly desires. That held true on June 27th for Obie Iloka as she launched her new fashion line, StylesbyO.D.I. at Dick Walter’s Art Gallery in Cincinnati, OH.


Photos courtesy of Kevin Watkins – ‘Shots by Kevin’

Obie Iloka, Ankara enthusiast and Nigerian native, was born and raised in Ohio. She received her degree from Miami University in Environmental engineering, however, she has always had a passion for fashion.

“Fashion is expressing one’s personality and uniqueness through their clothing; fashion isn’t simply following trends as it’s more of being able to communicate who you are without saying a word.” – Obie Iloka

Launched with beautiful, vibrant colors with both a women and men’s collection, StylesbyO.D.I featured unique Ankara styles. Obie’s vision is to remake the latest trends using Ankara, while incorporating a unique twist to modern-day clothing.


Photos courtesy of Kevin Watkins – ‘Shots by Kevin’

Ankara is a vibrant, festive and colorful pattern that was used to express character and personality amongst West Africans. The line showcased a unique and classic way for others to confidently wear bold pieces as well as tell their own story by wearing StylesbyO.D.I.


Photos courtesy of Kevin Watkins – ‘Shots by Kevin’

“I hope that my story will inspire and encourage others to follow their dreams and take that leap of faith as I did. And remember: Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from your passion and what you truly love”

Congratulations Obie, on the launch of your new venture and good luck on your journey of being a #girlboss!

For inquires and information contact Obie on stylesbyodi.com or through email and be sure to follow the brand on Instagram!

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