[Review] :: Cameron Book set

I recently spent the weekend browsing the aisles of Barnes & Nobles looking for my next literary adventure. Being in the creative stages of developing the characters of my own future book, I like to draw inspiration on character development from many different sources. As I was traveling through the aisles I clicked the explore page on Instagram and stumbled across Author Jade Jones’ page. A 25 year old woman with over 20 novels under her belt, I decided to find one of her best sellers, Cameron.

I had never read an urban novel prior to nor had I ever had a desire to, after reading one Zane novel, I realized maybe that form of storytelling just wasn’t my cup of tea.

A novel set in Cleveland, OH revolving around a troubled orphan girl who took to being a dancer to survive her way through college at Cleveland State. From the beginning, I had the feeling that it would parallel The Player’s Club, as the main character Cameron was a stripper and a full time college student. (Kind of along the same background of Diamond from the Player’s Club, right?) Wrong. The conflict and drama throughout the novel took new form as Cameron, Pocha, X-Rated and fellow dancing colleague Juicy, narrated by Cameron, interacted on the day to day in the day and night streets of Cleveland.

Cameron’s love interest Silk, who was also a male entertainer, was dangerous, controlling and loving to Cameron. Although he paid Cameron’s college tuition, his overprotective, invasive and cheating ways only caused Cameron to distance herself further and further from him. It wasn’t until a relationship shattering secret about Pocha and Silk was revealed that allowed Cameron to move on past him to her new love interest Jude. The relationship between the three in the love triangle resulted in unforseen tragedy as well as a life changing family secret that would change Cameron’s life forever.

From the outside Jude seemed like a different kind of guy. He catered to Cameron, protected her, and gave her the world. He moved her out of the college dorms, took over her tuition, and moved the two of them into an expensive condo on the opposite side of town. A partner as an owner at a car dealership with his brother, he seemed to be the one that would have it all together after demanding Cameron stop stripping. But with a lingering and obsessed ex (Silk) things remained complicated and it seemed as if trouble followed them everywhere.

This book was a nonstop page turner and before I knew it, I had blew through the 5 book set in two days. A highly recommended series of books, I would recommend to anyone looking for an urban love story — filled with real life street experiences, plot twists, and perceptions.

Be sure to check back next week for the next review and let me know what’s on your Spring Reading list below!

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