[Feature] :: Cocktails with Youtube Blogger JustinJ1232

Hey ya’ll!

Last weekend I had a chance to hang out with one of my favorites on Youtube- the notorious, controversial, Youtube Blogger Justin J. Be sure to follow the link to his Youtube channel JustinJ1232 and be sure to follow him on Youtube, Instagram IMG_2421& Twitter! This man is just absolutely amazing. I think we all have our reservations about people we watch and interact with from afar but this man was all that and then some. I’ve been subscribed to his Youtube channel for a while now (Black V Neck Roasts kill me every time), and when I originally reached out to him, I wasn’t expecting such a quick response. When he told me he was coming to Atlanta, I had to make sure we had an opportunity to sit down and have a conversation, because if there’s one thing we have in common, it’s the choice we make to speak unpopular opinions no matter what.

I met up with him and a few of his friends at The Daquari Factory, where we conversed about a little bit of everything. Darn my plus 1 for having such a busy day ahead of him so we had to call it a night early. However, the time spent talking to him was fun, casual and entertaining. Big hopes and fingers crossed that he makes that jump and becomes an Atlanta resident in no time!


How did your weekend plans pan out? Leave a comment below and let me know! Be sure to follow along with the adventure through Instagram! Engage and let me know what you’re up to!

Until next time, we’ll see you in the city!


xx- Lo

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