[Explore] :: Uncertainty at it’s finest

Another weekend and a new adventure awaited.

It’s been years (maybe since ’08) since I rode the MARTA in Atlanta, and this weekend I did just that. For starters, panhandling has taken new form when the “service” they are offering is “assistance” with following the directions on the screen to buy a Breeze pass. Now due to my unpopular viewpoints on panhandling, I’ll self censor what I would have done in the situation, but I will say that this happened while getting a Breeze pass and I certainly am not a fan of paying for assistance that I didn’t request, so there’s that.

Rode the MARTA to SkyView Atlanta where I got to see different views of the city from up above. In all honesty, I’ll give the views a 2.5 out of 5. Seems as if the placement could have been better, but even with the VIP experience (cocktails, and a private lounge area to wait until your VIP cart is available), and a 30-minute length go-round, I couldn’t see much because to my east were skyscrapers that blocked the rest of the city view and to my west I could see Centennial Olympic Park, The Aquarium, Philips Arena and the Hall of Fame. Maybe the views could be more effective at night? I’m not sure, but for about $15 (general ride fee) or $50 (VIP ride) you can check it out for yourself!


Trying new restaurants is starting to become a “thing” I like to do, and for my health’s sake it might be time to hit the ‘mill up again. This weekend I dined at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint downtown on Peachtree. Crafting beverages with Moonshine, I had quite the experience. Sticking with my “usual” I decided on the Juke Joint Wings. Smoked and paired with peach barbecue sauce, the wings fell right off the bones, and had an amazing taste.

Know your limit when ordering a cocktail! I ordered the Shine-Gria (love drinking out of mason jars!) and after a quick stir you could barely taste any moonshine. After about 4 sips, I was nearing my beverage limit and if you don’t pay attention, that’s where your judgment can get the best of you.

IMG_2333IMG_2334_2The restaurant had live music, a fairly long wait (big ups to the open bar seating), and the bartenders are extremely knowledgeable, and friendly. The experience as a whole was a delightful one minus the clearly inebriated man I was forced to sit next to. It seemed as if the bartenders all agreed that he needed to be cut off, and an almost altercation with the restaurant staff that resulted in him yelling about how much he’d spent on drinks in the establishment made me fairly uneasy resulting in my quick wrap up of my late lunch.

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Until next time!

xx. – In The City

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