[Explore] :: Date in the city

Exploring a new city can be extremely overwhelming..and so can dating.

Watching old episodes of Sex in the City, I wonder how in the world did Carrie and her friends survive in a place like NYC with so many options! Meeting new people in a place where you know no one can be scary, but also rewarding. Everyone can use an exploration partner, and it makes for good conversation, company, and perspective when you have an “insider’s” opinion on places in the city.

This week I channeled my inner child and ventured to the “World’s Most Engaging Aquarium Experience,” at The Georgia Aquarium.

A great location for a Monday, mid-day date but a bit pricey for the experience, (I don’t recall the price tag being so high at the Newport Aquarium) but engaging for sure. As an adult, it’s hard to ignore subtle propaganda (a 15-minute video about how we need to protect the oceans and water vessels for the sake of our aqua friends) however, I enjoyed the set up of the aquarium which allowed for easy consumption of the heaping amount of information housed inside. [Check out more pics below]

[Nerd Break]:: Super shouts out to Lisa for schooling me on Beluga Whales, pointing out the pregnant whale, and explaining the gestation period being 14-15 months!

Carrying on, I’ll definitely say my favorite part of the exhibit was the penguin views! Something about Penguins that I love, and I even crawled through the tunnel to make sure I got an optimal view!

After enjoying the Aquarium, we headed over to Houston’s on Lenox Road to indulge in a delicious dinner.


I had never heard of the restaurant so I was in for quite the experience. Offering a host of different options to choose from I stepped out of my usual “meal preference comfort zone”. The Hickory Burger, topped with Canadian Bacon, fresh grated cheddar cheese, and hickory barbecue sauce was absolutely delicious. Because of the time of day we had no wait, and our service was outstanding. I couldn’t decide on which red wine I wanted to have and our server delightfully allowed me to sample each one until I chose the Three Saints Pinot Noir.

An overall great experience for a day of mini exploration. Can’t wait to see what next adventure awaits. Until next time…

xx. – In The City

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