[RECAP] :: MiNX & Mingle

Minx Diva and I

Minx Diva and I

In February, I attended an intimate preview of MiNxDiVa’s exclusive nail salon in Buckhead. The event hosted by Erica Dias of TheBfirmPR and sponsored by Premis Cognac, offered a behind the scenes look into the new luxury experience.

MiNxDiVa provides a personalized, exclusive luxury nail experience and specializes in Minx nails.

“I got Minx Diva from mastering the process of the minx nails style. My co-workers would always call me “diva” because I would always have heels on, look cute so they started calling me diva and doing minx nails, I became the Minx Diva.”

 The intimate setting was also the location of the salon where there were light hors d’oeuvres and the opportunity to get a first hand view of the salon space.While you may have to pay a tad bit more for the services, you can trust and believe this salon experience will deliver.

Offering a chic all white interior, the entire set up was welcoming. I can see exactly why her cater to you style services are so exclusive. Being served fabulous pink, Premis Eaux-Di-Vie Cognac and catered light eats, I was able to mingle with MiNxDiVa and find out a lot more about her background and experiences.

MiNxDiVa recently moved to Atlanta in December on a leap of faith with dreams of launching her exclusive nail service. Originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina, she had experience as a manicurist alongside her aunt and brother. Her networking and growth led her to dream larger and hone in on her craft and take the leap of faith to Atlanta.

You can check out MiNxDiVa on IG and at Minxdiva.com.



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