Throwback Thursday: Takin’ it back with the hits

Do you remember where you were when you first heard some of  your favorite songs?

I’m feeling pretty nostalgic on this throwback Thursday, so let’s share our favorite throwback songs!

Everything – B2K


I believe this came out in 2002, and oddly enough I STILL listen to this song! I remember first hearing this as I continuously played the album on my  blue speaker box in my bedroom. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! OMG I remember going through it with a guy I was dating, and I used to daydream about him singing this on my voicemail. Oh teenage years…. Get into Lil’ Fizz rapping though!


Getting too Heavy- 3LW

Okay, so I was fairly older when the 3LW wave came around, but I didn’t realize until I went on a nostalgia trip in high school that this song is about sex! OMG, My mother never cared what music I listened to as long as it wasn’t vulgar, but this here.. mm mm mm. I also remember the song Crush on You on this same album, where the lyrics read…

Boy I got a crush on you//

my dad would kill me if he only knew//

naughty things go through my mind //

when I think of you.

Girl WHAT?! I CANNOT believe so many of these songs went over my head.


Slow Motion- Juvenile


biiiiiiiiiiiiiih! This shit STILL goes off in the club. I know I used to twerk DOWN to this song, and  a few others like whistle while you twerk, lol don’t judge me!


 What were some of your favorite throw back jams?

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Azealia Banks drops Slay-Z Mixtape

I’ve tried to warn you all once, I’m not going to warn you again!

My bitch Azealia is back with a new mixtape and she is still slaying! Her music is NOT ordinary, it’s out of the box, and nothing like any of your other same ol’ basic ass favs. I’m seriously so unsure how and why ya’ll keep sleeping on her, but for those of you who aren’t sleeping on her, GET INTO SLAY-Z!!!

Sure you’re probably blinded by her constant public feuds, but I mean what do you expect from a bitch who went to school for drama!?


 I mean, she just wanted to tell you guys, she’s a real messy bitch who LIVES for drama; word to Joanne the Scammer! lol


But no, in all seriousness– Azealia fucking slays. You can say what you want about her online antics and “out spoken” nature, but my bitch can burn a fucking track! Big Talk x Azealia & Rick Ross. Flame. Litty, it’s straight lit!


 Click here for the download.


What’s your favorite song from the project?


What are you reading? My April reading list

Have you been keeping up with your reading? Thus far this year, I’ve had my nose in far more books than I read last year, and I’m starting to max out at 7 books a month. Now this means, I’ll read about 52 more books this year than I did last year, which is great!

One of my resolutions was to take more time developing myself and my expertise, SO with that being said here are a few of my reading list recommendations for April.

Cheryl Strayed‘s Wild and Tiny Beautiful Things are at the top of my reading list for April. I’ve been increasingly obsessed with her work and neither of these books have failed to hold my interest.

It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be by Paul Arden

After You by Jojo Moyes

I was rather pissed when I found out about this 2nd book being released. I can blame myself for not staying up to date on her writings, however, I was bombarded by the hardcover of this book in the book store and I was overwhelmed with feelings. A sequel to Me Before You (If you haven’t read it, what the hell are you thinking?) I can’t wait to cuddle up on the couch on a Saturday and read this book.


What’s on your reading list? 

Love & Hip Hop ATL | Official Season 5 Super Trailer

VH1 released the super trailer for Love & Hip Hop: ATL and I’ve got two words.

IT’S LIT!!!!

Who are you most interested in seeing this season?

I’m super curious why K. Michelle is back, but this would be a perfect opportunity for her to promote her new Puff Lounge opening soon in Atlanta! I also hope they do NOT wait all season to show Karlie fall out like that because THAT was hilarious! Episode 1 airs April 4th! I’ll be tuned in! Will you?

[REVIEW] Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice *NO SPOILERS*

By D. Love

Can one that is “all-powerful” be “all-good?”  Or can one be “all-good” and “all-powerful?”  When we take into consideration the various religions that exist, the answer to this question may seem obvious.  That is, it would be ridiculous for something that wields all power to not use that power for good, right?  Alexander “Lex” Luther, billionaire “hero-hunter” extraordinaire thinks not.  The all powerful being in question would be that of Metropolis’ very own reporter, Clark Kent.  Kent who just so happens to secretly be Superman, the man of steel.


I would go out on the limb and say that most people are familiar with Superman, so it might be confusing that someone would find him to be less than a hero.  Well, Mr. Luther wouldn’t be the only one to think so.  The “Dark Knight” himself also views Superman to be a threat to humanity.  Who is the dark knight you ask?  It’s none other than Gotham City’s very own crime fighting vigilantly, Bruce Wayne aka Batman.  At this point you may be thinking, “why would a good guy have it out for another good guy?”  That’s where the film gets interesting.

I’ll admit, I would never imagine these two to ever meet; you’d never think that two seemingly different story lines would cross.  That’s what makes this film a comic lovers wet dream!  It puts die-hard fans in a “friendly” bout against one another.  Actually, if you watch the film from Bruce Wayne’s point of view, you might see how Superman could be a villain.  


Take into consideration the types of fights Superman gets into.  These aren’t your average back alley World Star worthy fights.  No, these fights are intense and destructive to say the least.  Who would expect less from a being from outer space on Earth fighting other beings from outer space?  When there is mass destruction going on there will also be mass casualties, right?  Exactly.  Wayne witnesses the Superman in action in his own hometown and the destruction that soon followed.  This type of destruction in not acceptable and it’s up to Wayne, I mean, Batman to handle it.

Every superhero has to have a weakness, right?  This is even true when it comes to Superman.  The one thing that has unrelenting power over the man of steel is the radioactive element, kryptonite.  This element comes from Superman’s home planet of Krypton and it too found its way to planet Earth.  Lex learned of this material and it’s power against those like Superman.  It would make sense that he would want to gather as much of the element that he could in order to take down the strongest being on the planet.  Now there are two powerful men against Superman.

Batman v. Superman is a high impact film that pulls out all the stops.  I must admit I regretfully fall asleep during most movies even if they are interesting.  I am an old maid.  I get too comfortable in theaters and the fact that it’s dark doesn’t help either!  However, I had NO problem remaining tuned into this film.  I didn’t even want to blink and chance missing something incredible!  Even those who are not comic book aficionados will find this film hard to look away from.  The shear story line and raw action packed fighting will keep even the most unenthused, crossword puzzle, crocheting grandma standing at attention.

In this film of legendary figures fighting for what each other feels is right, you will see love, friendship, understanding and true heroism.  Comic book lovers will be reintroduced to familiar faces.  You can even pick a side before going to see the film.  Who do you think will come out on top?  Who is in the wrong and who is in the right?  Make a bet, even…but do it with someone who knows nothing of what the outcome will be or you’ll be pissed in the end ha ha!  Films like these are best experienced when you allow yourself to be a kid again! Put on a costume or even where a logo.  Who cares?  I promise you won’t be the only one.  Just enjoy yourself and enjoy this excellent movie that we have been graced with!

7 Skin Care Tips for Healthy, Flawless Skin

By Paige Barker

The world wide web is buzzing with listicles and DIY instructions to fast-track your beauty routine toward flawless, glowing skin in no time. The problem is that there is no short cut for healthy skin, and if there was one simple solution that worked for everyone, we wouldn’t need to read a million articles to get to the bottom of it. In actuality, a lot of the tips circulating on the internet will cause much more harm than good and are the result of short-term product testing without researching long-term effects. Your skin is an organ, and science is your friend.

Here are the bare bones of healthy skincare:

1. pH is important

Your skin has a pH of around 4.5-5 on the scale from 1-14, where 1 is acidic, 14 is alkaline, and 7 is neutral. For crying out loud, DO NOT USE BAKING SODA ON YOUR SKIN, no matter what Buzzfeed tells you. Baking soda has a pH of 9, and will disrupt and damage the skin barrier, which is your body’s natural mechanism for retaining the healthy stuff in your skin and keeping unhealthy stuff out. Using baking soda or anything with a similar pH might clear up your skin at first, like the blogs claim, because it’s hurting your skin and depriving it of moisture. You know how a sunburn can clear up your breakout? It’s the same concept–your acne might disappear at first, but only because you’re stripping your skin and causing deeper damage. Things may look clearer at first, but the damage to your skin barrier turn your face into a bacteria breeding ground.
Similarly, DO NOT USE VINEGAR* OR LEMON JUICE ON YOUR SKIN. Vinegar and lemon juice are on the acidic end of the pH scale, and can give you CHEMICAL BURNS. Don’t do it.
If you’re interested in a product, Google the pH and whether it is safe for the skin.
Side note- Apple Cider Vinegar can be safely used in clay masks as a way to balance out the pH. Google it first, though.

2. Chemical exfoliators > physical exfoliators

It can feel really satisfying to slough off all of your dead skin with a sugar scrub or St. Ives Apricot Scrub, but it’s not as effective as it seems. Exfoliating scrubs with microbeads or any type of crystals, like sugar, can cause microscopic cuts all over the surface of your face, which will actually dry your skin out more and cause a huge increase in bacterial growth. There are more gentle and more effective physical exfoliators, but chemical exfoliators are where it’s at.
Chemical exfoliation works by breaking up the bonds between dead skin cells so they can be removed more gently and will lead to fresher, healthier skin. Stridex Maximum Strength Pads are a popular choice because they’re cheap and they work really well, but there are lots of options out there. If you start using a chemical exfoliator, be sure to do your research because some may make your skin more sunlight-sensitive and you’ll need to start using sunscreen every day, regardless of your skin tone.
And with any chemical exfoliator, make sure to moisturize after 20-30 minutes! Which brings me to my next point…

3. Moisturizer is good for you, no matter what your skin type is

Proper moisture is a huge factor to a healthy complexion. Even oily skin needs moisturizer, and is in some cases due to over-production of oil due to dehydration, believe it or not.

4. Introduce new products one at a time and PATCH TEST

If you’re really motivated to revamp your skincare routine and buy 37 different creams and gels, pump the brakes and start with just one. Branching out to new products may reveal a whole bunch of fun allergies and sensitivities you never knew you had, so it’s crucial to only make one routine switch-up at a time so that if you do have a bad reaction, you’ll know the source. The best way to keep bad new breakouts at bay is to patch test your new product first–use it on one section of your skin once a day for 1-2 weeks before trying it out on your whole face. Once you introduce something new and it passes the patch test, wait another 1-2 weeks before you start your next new product.

5. Record your progress–good or bad

It might sound obnoxious, but keeping a journal or log of all of your tested products can teach you a lot about your skin. If you get the same weird breakout from 3 different products, check their ingredients and see what they have in common. It could be that you’re too sensitive to fatty alcohols or certain oils, for example. is a really useful resource for breaking down the ingredient list in a product and see what, if anything, might cause irritation.

6. You are a special snowflake–what works for others may not work for you

There are a couple basic skin types, but everyone’s skin is different. If you do your research and find something that sounds great for you and your skin isn’t reacting well, don’t force it. Try it out for a bit and see if things start to turn around, but if you don’t see any improvements, toss it. Your best friend might wash their face twice a day and get great results, but your skin might be too sensitive to cleanse more than once. Do your homework, but pay attention to your skin as you go to figure out what’s working and what’s still missing.

7. Everything you could ever need to know can be found on /r/SkincareAddiction.

I’ve had problematic skin for 10+ years, but I never made a breakthrough until I found this page and became obsessed with finding the right routine. It’s a lot to take in at first, but it’s worth the effort. There are articles and product recommendations galore, as well as a friendly and knowledgeable community ready to answer all of your gross questions without flinching.
I came to /r/SkincareAddiction as a 22 year-old with adult acne and very dry skin who could sometimes be convinced to exfoliate and moisturize before passing out with all my makeup on. I stumbled across it late one night and found myself still there two hours later, clicking every pimply picture and reading other people’s skincare sagas and was immediately excited to start on my own. I posted tons of embarrassing questions and eagerly bought oils, toners, moisturizers and cleansers until I finally figured out what works for me. At first I was drawn to all of the more natural products and the Oil Cleansing Method, which work amazingly well for some people, but only made me break out more. I slowly started to isolate my skin irritants, and figured out which oils and chemicals were too rich for my skin and which ones were too drying. After almost 2 years of trial and error (yes, 2 years) I finally found a routine that made my skin look and feel healthier and more under control. I think my skin is more picky than a lot of peoples’, so don’t let my long journey discourage you. Almost everything makes me break out–I’ve even gotten into arguments with Sephora reps who didn’t believe me when I told them what ingredients give me trouble–so if I found my healthy routine, you can too. I can’t say I don’t sometimes still pass out with all my makeup on, but I’ve come a long way.
Be patient and be thorough, and be loving to your skin! It might take awhile to get your skin where you want it, but you’ll thank yourself later.

5 day Juice Cleanse Review

I had the NERVE and audacity to sign myself up (and push myself) to do a 5 day juice cleanse.

If you’re in Atlanta, be sure to check out Twizted Sisters to get information and get on board for your custom detox to spring clean your body for the summer!

Now, in an effort to correct and undo, a year worth of eating terribly and not working out, i decided to do this custom cleanse to kick start getting back on the road to fit. If you remember or have been following me for a while then you know that I dropped like a million pounds last year and you can read about that journey here.

If you’ve also been following me you saw how I spent countless weekends turning up, going on dates, traveling and eating junk food any and whenever I want. But then it hit me around my 26th birthday. I absolutely am NOT taking the best care of my body so, it’s time to get moving and back on track!

I’m sure you guys are wondering what are you even to expect from a juice cleanse? So I’ll answer all the FAQ I got this week.

Are you ONLY drinking juice?

Yes, bih. It’s a detox– so no food! That means only the fresh pressed juice, and a gallon or more of water daily.

Aren’t you starving?

Only on day one. As with everything you are gonna struggle because you’re correcting all the bad habits.

Is the juice good?

Well the fabulous thing about the custom detox is, CONSULTATION! I had the pleasure of telling Courtney all the things I DON’T like, which is practically EVERYTHING, then she made a detox based on the results I wanted to get from the detox. For me, I wanted to trim a little weight and stop feeling so sluggish to actually get some workouts in. (Because for me, as soon as my head is in it– nothing can stop me)

So! Now that that’s out of the way, what can I say about the 5 day juice detox cleanse to help you know what to expect? IT’S LIT.

Day 1:

I struggled. Hard. The juice was delicious but I was STARVING. I wanted to eat any and everything and everyone in the office seemed to be eating everything I wanted to eat but couldn’t. I was snappy, angry, and my friends and coworkers said I was a bit more evil than usual. I finished the juice for the day around 5 p.m. so I went to bed early to offset the urge to eat.

Day 2:

I was really over it, but I was already a day in so quitting wasn’t an option. My body started flushing the toxins from my body and I started to feel really drained. I drank about 2 gallons of water because I felt so thirsty while flushing the toxins. It was a more humbling day because I came to the realization that food addiction is so very real the way that craving food and not eating it really toyed with my emotions.

Day 3:

IT WAS LIT. I literally felt like I was floating on clouds. My body felt light, airy and overall GOOD! Not to mention it was HUMP DAY, which meant I was half way through! My body must have really cleared out my system because I felt AMAZING!

Day 4:

I was anxious, less hungry, and starting to see less bloating in my stomach area, and my body overall felt really good. I started creating a plan and focusing on what I would be eating and meal prepping for success the following weeks.

Day 5:

I made it! The juice for the day was to boost and reset my metabolism. Wasn’t the most appetizing but I was so happy to have made it all 5 days!

When I woke up Saturday morning my appetite was inexistent. After weighing myself I lost a total of 4.5 pounds! Eager and satisfied with my results I’m looking forward to continuing my lifestyle change, again!